“High-quality, comprehensive data on the full range of populations are essential to closing gaps in care as it creates opportunities for payers, health care providers and patient advocates to design and implement targeted solutions to meet the needs of perpetually underserved groups.” 

NMQF President & CEO Dr. Gary A. Puckrein

As the U.S. embraces a rich heritage of diversity, collecting and reporting accurate patient data methods are critical to providing the best health care options – especially for historically underrepresented communities.

We are grateful to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for updating data collection standards that previously remained static. After 30 years we now have made progress with the ability to better identify and address some health disparities. Our work remains ever vigilant. We look forward to further refinement and input into data submission through advocacy for agency Action Plans on Race and Ethnicity required by OMB as a critical part of the guidance issued by OMB. As a collective, we will continue to assess and clarify the update of SPD 15 and build a unified community that remains resolute to ensure all Americans are included in and represented by equitable data identification and application.

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